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>>> welcome back to the 10:00 news and our continuing coverage of the san francisco giants winning the world series. >> we had a a look earlier at how the team got here. but we were on the edge of our seats in the newsroom. let's check out with mark and f.p. for the final plays of the game >> a really close finish, the best game of the series from a purist standpoint. lots of strategy, the bullpen put to use and the giants take it down to the 10th inning, f.p. yes. and marco scutaro came through. you knew he was going to clutch up. but give the nod to jeremy affeldt. how good was he? >>> and let's take at -- at marco scutaro, against the closer phil coke. how many times can you ask for the guy to come through. and ryan theriot comes sliding in. scutaro caps it off. >> look at how slow the p r, the quick stroke of marco scutaro. so short. he has been doing it all season. how about marco scutaro playing for the rockies in july about 30 games out of first place and now a world series champ. how cool is that? >> one the best acquisitions that sabean has ever made. and now the triple cr
what we collectively did. this twelve san francisco giants found a way to get it done, whoever's name was called. that's what will be remembered. >> pitching and defense, how good was it? >> you saw for yourself. it was good enough to find a way to be here right now. >> hunter, thanks. congratulations. back to you. >> ken, thank you. hunter pence came along relatively late in the ride. ryan theriot, d.h.ing tonight, scoring that winning run on phantom cam and it's an image that will be looked at over and over again in san francisco. erin andrews standing by with the giants game one here row, barry zito. erin. >> matt, thanks so much. here right now with barry zito, who really everyone on this pitching staff credits your efforts in game five of the nlcs, really giving this game momentum, new life. how good -- you said you looked like a football player, but how good does this feel right now? >> this feels incredible. it's surreal. everyone helped out from the start. three games in cincinnati, no one had done that in a couple years. game five in lcs i was blessed with having the game of
and phillipe djegal is at the san francisco civic center. right now, it is 3-3 at the bottom of the eighth inning. j. r. stone reports from the co america park in detroit. >> this is a close game. as for conditions in detroit is cold and it is starting to get wet. dozens are on this roof top last night are not here tonight. the san francisco giants are here. they are fired up >> if a pipe broke this in half? >> no, there are no-farm burns -- there is no roo = =no bromms.. >> i spent $8 for this i'm trying to do my best to help pair the econom in the andl was confiscated. they also brought brooms.. they were not going to leave this let me bring this in. >> the last time they threw that in the garbage. >> they are rough out here. >> you have to have here in on your chest. >> if you are asking there is only one place, california. >> hello, sports director, gary radnich. and i found somebody that came from california, santa clause saying that he is from sacramento. this santa claus have anything nice to say? >> i do not like the giants i hate to the giants. >> it turns out that santa claus is
on friday less than a mile north on those very same tracks. san francisco police are on the lookout for a vandal who has damned more than two dozen vehicles. they released a sketch of the vandal tonight. police believe this man has scratched or broken the windows of 30 cars. it started in august in the mission and dolores heights neighborhoods. >>> the morgan hill mother accused of abandoning her daughter at a grocery store says the whole thing was a misunderstanding. in an exclusive interview with our media partner marcy keelan denies ditching her 10-year-old. she said she left her at the safe way with her boyfriend while she went to a nearby park with her five-year-old. keelan claims to have broken up with her boyfriend over the incident. >>> a setback for oracle and team usa to hold on to the america's cup. >> i'm lisa amin gulezian where they are waiting for their yacht to come tonight. >> and the race to host the 50th super bowl. the nfl announces the finalists and the bay area is >>> a major blow to oracle's sailing team. the 72-foot catamaran for next year's cup race capsized
mirkarimi the suspended san francisco sheriff. the board of supervisors is voting on whether to remove him from office for good. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in san francisco with more on what is at stake. good morning. >>> reporter: good morning. this case has played out for months at city hall and this decision a big deal because it could set the precedent for misconduct cases in the future. sheriff ross mirkarimi pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor relating to a domestic violence dispute that left his wife with a bruised arm on new year's eve. nine months later we could find out if he stays or if he goes for official misconduct. his wife eliana lopez showed her neighbor a bruised arm which you can see in this video after her husband grabbed her during an argument. mirkarimi was sentenced to three years' probation, fined and ordered to undergo counseling. he was also placed on unpaid leave by mayor ed lee. since then, mirkarimi has been fighting for his job. his attorney says that the marital incident has nothing to do with his role has sheriff and he was also voted in. mayor lee want
to the streets of san francisco this morning for the nike women's marathon. it as gorgeous and grueling course in the city that end in golden gate park. >> all the runners are going behind you. hi, lorraine. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. there are thousands and thousands of runners out here. 20,000. they are taking off over here pore the nike women's largest marathon in the world with 25,000 runners who woke up early this morning. got on the race gear to run a half marathon or marathon and these go to the lymphoma society. olympic mad delist, she is out here running a half marathon. she will be celebrating her 40th birthday out here with a healthy start. you can see the runners taking to the streets. they are decked out in the running gear and it is a pretty course and starts in union square and that is all around downtown san francisco. you can see people with signs out here. with the cellphones and taking video. music is loud out here. there is a time clock that says we are three minutes. 22 seconds right now and that's the start over there. it is supposed to be nike town where they s
, san francisco city officials are hoping to bring the super bowl here. san francisco is making a bid for an up coming game. thomas roman is live at san francisco city hall with the details on that. thomas? >> terry, san francisco finds out tomorrow if it makes a list of possible cities to host the 2016 and 20 sun 7 -- 2017 super bowls. fans are excited about the prospect even though the super bowl will be laid down in santa clara. if san francisco gets the chance to host the super bowl, the manager of the sir francis drake hotel on powell street said the city would enjoy a financial boom. >> it means all of the taxis would have business, all of the restaurants would have business, all of the hotels would have business. i would be able to keep my job. >> up for bid are the 2016 and 2017 super bowls. san francisco submitted its application on august 9th. it will be competing against all of the other nfl cities in the country. chuck davis who manages lefty odouls thinks san francisco would be a great city. >> it is a plus with the transportation to get down to santa clara which is very
time to call in mutual aid. in oaknd la, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> san francisco police say many of the protesters arrested yesterday after a violent street march downtown are members of an anarchist gang. about 20 arrests were made after they vandalized businesses, cars and other property. police say they were assaulted with projectiles that included bags of rocks mixed with paint. a family launches an on-line effort to find a killer after their mother was found murdered in her home. susie was found dead on friday night. abc7 news reporter lilian kim joins us live from hercules with the latest. lilian? >> ama, we are in front of the home, and it is still cordoned off. there is a memorial in front of the property that has grown considerably since susie's death. they have been on the phones and on the internet virtually nonstop. following up on leads and doing everything they can to spread the word about their mother's murder. >> like i said earlier, you can't just have your mom go so suddenly and not doing anything about it. you have to fight. >> 55-year-old susie co was found d
. downtown san francisco at the civic center thousands of fans turned out to celebrate last night's victory. they're waiting on pins and needles until sergio romo got that last out and then they went crazy. was a scene that was repeated across the bay area last night across every bar iast night across every bar or 3:00 this afternoon. when they won in texas came back very early in the morning to huge crowds waiting for them. i around 2:00 this afternoon the crowds will start gathering at at&t park. the buses will come back holding the 2012 world series victories. there'll be lots of people out here. the buses as they arrive. if you are in the area of be aware there w around 1:00. >> also be that huge fluffy vote of the census area on wednesday for the parade. >> the parade will be on halloween a perfect day for the black and orange to celebrate. hot it will start at 11 in the morning in front of market street and continued down to the civic center plaza. the ceremony will be held rio from the players and the co if you try to drive in from san francisco it was a several hours away and freewa
is spending the night in san francisco tonight after a star studded concert and speech. it was part of a fundraising trip across california. tickets for tonight went for $7,500. president obama used the venue to rev up support. >> the superpiece of governor romney is a tax cut for the welty. don't boo, vote -- wealthy. don't boo, vote. he stood up on stage, promised his tax cuts would include the top 1%. he promised this. most of the economickest who crunched the number said the plan would blow up the deficit or raise taxes on the middle class. one or the other. that is how math works. >> the visit brought out a few protesters and lots of supporters. kron 4's reggie kumar is live near the bill graham civic auditorium with more tonight. >> reporter: the president left bill graham civic auditorium an hour ago. he spoke 22 minutes. those who attended loved every minute of it. >> reporter: this is president obama leaving monday night's night's fundraiser at the bill graham civic auditorium. tickets range from $22 to $100 which included a concert. >> he talked about his plans for the fut
. >> hello san francisco! >> the president addresses supporters in san francisco tonight after a star studded concert fundraiser. good evening everybody. >> the president took to the stage just 30 minutes ago at the packed stadium. he is expected to race millions of dollars in campaign cash. happening now, heather holmes is live outside the event with the reception he has received in the city. heather. >> reporter: the president just wrapped up the remarks. he spoke to the crowd for about 30 minutes. if you take a look you can see people are beginning to file out. while most were on their feet when john legend was preforming they erupted when the president took to the stage and he calls on them to continue their support and the final 29 days of this campaign. >> we are here because we have work to do. we are here because we have the election to win. we are here because everything we fought for since 2008 is onto line in 2012. i'm going need your help to finish what we started. >> obama. we love you. >> the excitement was high. the line long outside the center outside the 6,000 peo
area as the san francisco giants return home ahead of tomorrow's big game. >>> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> and hello again everyone i'm heather holmes. >> the san francisco giants are gearing up for their next battle as they take on the st. louis cardinals and our coverage continues tonight. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live in san francisco where both teams got in a final practice. >> reporter: they did, heather and the giant's players say they are very happy to be home. now they are going to be taking on a team that had an equally improbable path to get this far. it wasn't all serious at at&t park this afternoon. as giant's first baseman pablo sandoval did his best umpire impression, but they say they will have their game faces ready for the st. louis cardinals. >> you look at the series we both had, so everything about it, a well-fought series. everything about both team we're scrappy and both fighters and both believe in ourselves reason a photo tweeted by sand val sandoval shows on plane in cincinnati not knowing if they had to fly to washington or come home to san francisco.
of oakland, 39-year-old shukin cai of san francisco and laikuan liang of alameda. they are suspected of growing marijuana. they also seized cash and marijuana that had already been processed. >>> happening now authorities have surrounded a home in hollister where a man who's a friend of a woman who went missing has barricaded himself inside. police say heather carol was last seen friday morning after dropping off her daughter in school. the next day, carol's suv was found burned on the side of the road. it's not known if she is in the home. officers say the man play be armed. >>> firefighters in san francisco are remaining on the scene of a four alarm fire that destroyed a popular restaurant right in the heart of the portal restaurant. the fire started in the squat and gobble cafe just across the street from a busy muni tunnel. the fire then quickly spread to a wine bar and orthodon to the best -- orthodontist office. >> he treats his store like his babies. he has to do it right. >> it took six hours to control that fire. the cause is under investigation but authorities say there a
>> we began with news out of san francisco. a fire is burning in the west portal area. at 9 west portal ave. it is a commercial building at that address. it broke out just after 5:00 a.m. this morning. fire crews are there and we have a crew headed out. we will give you details from the scene. >> will trget it under control.s house is now completely destroyed. the firefighters are securing the scene to allow investigators to come back later and find out the cause. here is video from for 3:00 p.m.. 20 minutes into the fire and he slams for coming from the back of the house, the side of just about all the sections of the home. a middle-age couple lived at the house. they were woken by the flames in the kitchen area. they manage to get out but they did suffer some injuries. the man h inj6managed the neighbors sprayed the bush is down so they could not catch on fire. with that action as was the quick action from the fire department they managed to contain the fire only to this place. there were no fatalities however there were a few pets inside that died from the fire. there was live
that was discussed by the candidates and the u.s. diplomat killed in libya was remembered today in san francisco. hundreds of people packed city hall to honor ambassador christopher stevens. guest speaker included representative barbara lee and former secretary of state george shuttle. they talked about how stevens helped create a positive relationship between the u.s. and the middle east. stevens family says despite his work over seas as ambassador he still had a very active role in their family. >> chris was a huge presence in our family. though he lived far away he had a lot of friend. very challenging job. he always came home and when he came home for christmas for our wedding for hilary baby shower he was really there. he wasn't text messaging. he wasn't e mailing. he was running with us. playing tennis. eating. drinking. telling stories. and extracting our stories. >>reporter: stevens has tie to the bay area graduating from uc berkeley and uc sf hastings school of law. >> oracle 72 foot america cup yacht being towed back to port after capsizing in the bay this afternoon then
them to fire. a rock. . >> and a close call on the san francisco bay. >> it's the largest discipline are you action ever for the oakland police department. the punishment dozens of officers could face. >> and the early morning welcoming party that happened here at at&t park as the giants returned home for the national league series. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to morning on 2. it's saturday october 13th. >> want to check in for a peek at the weather the and the cool temperatures okay during the week but i want warmer for the weekend. >> you are in luck. we have seasonal temperatures returning. mostly clear skies in some parts, partly cloudy others, patchy fog, 40s and 50s outside the door. cooler than 24 hours ago. a warming trend will start today. >> and new, just with in the past hour the san francisco giants arrived back home. after a unbelievable win by the cardinals over the nationals they will host game one of the championship series here. we were there when they arrived with what fans are sayin
:04. hundreds gathered under the city hall rotunda in san francisco last night to remember ambassador chris stevens. ♪ [ music ] stevens was killed last month in an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. among those at yesterday's memorial service were mayor ed lee and senator dianne feinstein. the libyan ambassador to the united states expressed his government's regret. >> we're very sorry. you send us one of your best diplomats but unfortunate will not be able to protect him. >> he said stevens was a good diplomat because he was interested in the lives of the libyan people. during the service has younger sister anne said his optimism inspired her to learn about the middle east. chris stevens of course a graduate of cal and grew up in piedmont and a good guy. i went to college with him. >> you were there at the service. >> i was there. i was really touched. his two sisters are doctors, his brother is a very good attorney. they both spoke. and a lot of laughter, george schultz former secretary of state, 92, got up there and just brought it all home. he was amazing. and the ambas
fashion. alex savidge is live in san francisco to let us know how this is affecting the team? >> reporter: a major setback for the team as they are getting ready to race in the america's cup. the boat flipped and had it to be towed back here to team headquarters at pier 80 in san francisco t was towed back late last night. the damaged -- san francisco. it was towed back here late last night. this was the scene yesterday. it all happened yesterday at 3:00 during a training run on the bay near san francisco. there were 11 oracle team members but none of them were seriously hurt. the capsized boat was caught by a strong tide and drifted. several miles past the bridge. crew members say this accident was triggered by strong winds close to 30 miles an hour an a -- and a swift current on the bay. surreal feeling. we've been pushing the boat all of the time. we found our limit today. there is a pretty big crash. >> reporter: crew members say the platform of the boat appears to be in good shape. the team will have to get a closer look at the other damage. that will happen at some point this mornin
in the san francisco bay last night. it was a 40-foot boat called the neptune and it hit something near alcatraz island and then started taking on water. two coast guard vels -- vessels rescued all 22 pass passengers on board. it was hosting a bachelor party last night. again, nobody was injured. >>> president obama will spend the next few days in historic williamsburg, virginia, getting ready for his second debate with mitt romney. romney, meanwhile, plans to campaign in ohio. as danielle nottingham tells us, the rival campaigns are each trying to pick up some momentum. >>reporter: vice president joe biden continued to play offense in wisconsin friday. >> it's time romney and ryan and the republican congress take a pledge to the middle class people, saying we're going to level the playing field. >>reporter: a day after a spirited vice presidential debate: >> with all due respect, that's a bunch of malarky. >> watch out, middle class, the tax bill is coming to you. >>reporter: both candidates headed back to the campaign trail. >> i feel great. >>reporter: paul ryan stopped for break
is off. it's friday october 19th. new this morning someone shot at police in san francisco. it all started with what appeared to be a routine traffic stop. we are live with the chain of events that led to the shooting. >> reporter: a man opened fire on san francisco police officers this morning after officers tried to pull over the car he was in. after the shooting that car sped away. no officers hit by the way and the car sped away, made its way to this intersection, blew through this red light and slammed into a taxi cab. this was a white cadillac that police were after. it was going close to 50 miles an hour. the cab driver who was hit had minor injuries. after the crash the two inside that car then bailed out of the car and ran away. police moved in, they were able to arrest the passenger but this morning the driver is still on the loose. everything started around 2:00 when officers tried to make that traffic stop for a light that was out on the license plate of the car. seemingly minor infraction but didn't turn out to be a simple traffic stop. a sergeant we talked to said he
have been an issue with the economy toward wavering. no matter who you work. >> in san francisco, reggie kumar, kron 4. but taking a look at social media. and facebook larry talks about the quality of question great about the second amendment, assault weapons and the right to bear arms. the next from sam calling me it is lost in space, mitt romney. and if you remember lost in space that was a vintage television show. and from this person. can you say that a little bit louder? repeating the statement that he did call the attacked an act of terrorism. and this is from twitter. i cannot tell you how relieved i am to hear that ms. randa will not tax on those investments they are to -- that mitt romney will not tax them on those investments that they're too poor to even investment. and also, a big point from hillary clinton. >>pam: the other things in a san francisco today hundreds of people gathered to pay tribute to u.s. ambassador, christopher stephens. stevens is a bay. native. killed and eight attac in an at- although it was a somber of bend. friends and dignitaries paid respects
. >> and a big pile of dirt is sitting outside of san francisco city hall. how it's tied to a big event causing a big controversy. mornings on 2 begins now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome. i'm dave clark. >> i'm claudine wong. we are continuing to follow developing news out of castro valley. crews responded to a fire at a home on san carlos shortly after midnight. they found a body at the back of the house and alex savage said the fire is suspicious. >> reporter: that's the information we just got from a lieutenant. they have shut off the entire section of the street. we are being kept back from the home. this death is deemed suspicious by investigators. the body still inside this house. investigators right now are canvassing the neighborhood and talking to people nearby. they are waiting for a search warrant to go in and get evidence inside the house. we are show you what it looked like earlier. it started with reports of a small fire just after midnight. crews put the fire out and found a person dead inside this hou
in illinois but he likes the giants. >> i was a big barry bond fan and took my allegiance to san francisco with him. >> he sees many more games here than there. immanuel coming to the stadium as giants fan and being hand add cardinals towel to wave. or seeing a woman who painted all 10 of her fingers in cardinal symbol e. do you see any orange in all of this red? >> this town is red. this is red october. cardinal town. >> which means if you are a giants fan uttering the words go giants you have to wonder if anyone is listening. for fans in st. louis during this game 4 there have been better nights. >> i think they are scared. they are feeling sad. we are doing well. >>reporter: more than a little too well as far as giants fans are concerned. as the rainfal rainfalls on busch stadium ready to turn the later out, their sentiment echo those of giants players this evening. win tomorrow. get this series home. anything can still happen. in st. louis, wayne, abc 7 news. >> and here's the line up for the giants game 5 will be played in st. louis tomorrow night at 5:07. >> now there's a
allegiance to san francisco with him. >> he sees many more games here than there. immanuel coming to the stadium as giants fan and being hand add cardinals towel to wave. or seeing a woman who painted all 10 of her fingers in cardinal symbol e. do you see any orange in all of this red? >> this town is red. this is red october. cardinal town. >> which means if you are a giants fan uttering the words go giants you have to wonder anyone if anyone is listening. for fans in st. louis during this game 4 there have been better nights. >> i think they are scared. they are feeling sad. we are doing well. >>reporter: more than a little too well as far as giants fans are concerned. as the rainfal rainfalls on busch stadium ready to turn the later out, their sentiment echo those of giants players this evening. win tomorrow. get this series home. anything can still happen. in st. louis, wayne, abc 7 news. >> and here's the line up for the giants game 5 will be played in st. louis tomorrow night at 5:07. >> now there's a game 6 it will be played at at&t park m san francisco on sunday
by an orange safety vest. tonight police in san francisco are warning people of an alarming scam. they say burglars are posing as utility workers to get inside homes. the suspects claim to be water department employees who want to check water faucets or test water for possible contamination. when the residents are distracted the suspect rips them off. >>> now to an nbc bay area follow up. the postal service is offering a substantial reward to help catch thieves that are stealing mail in the south bay. it's a story we first uncovered and broke last week. it seems someone has been breaking into community mail boxes in one san jose neighborhood. this is how it works. the vandals break the back panels of the boxes then steal all the mail. the u.s. postal inspector's office is offering a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the mail stealers. the office sent armed officers into rose avenue and nancy lane after a report last week on the thefts. >> any time somebody attacks a mail box like that, it is a federal crime. the crime has been committed. it's serious. >> you heard it. federal
and family inside when it happens. you get details. >> plus today big fire in san francisco. westportal strupt goes up in flames sadly. along with livelihood of the workers. >> get ready for a major warm-up in the bay year. starts this weekend. i have details in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> bitter sweet day in baseball. a clean out the lockers while the giants get ready to take on the next play ready to take on the next play off opponent. s >> thankfully by some miracle mother and 4 young children escape serous giraffe the family home was just obliterated by a natural gas explosion this morning in colorado. look at this. how were they not killed? badly hurt. incredible. 2 teenagers who live nearby race to the thousands help the family get out. it was felt for miles as you can immanuel. damaged 2 other homes and left the third condemned. at least 20 people had to be evacuated. cause is under investigation but neighbors say they smelled gas shortly before the explosion. that is unbelieve afternoon. utter destruction. >>> well in san francisco the cleanup and investig
in san francisco. this happened about 8:30 tonight. a coast guard cutter and other smaller boats came to the rescue to take the 22 people back to shore. >> i think i was the only one concerned because i don't like boats but everyone else was loving it. >> i was loving it as soon as we got off the boat that wasn't sinking. now i'm cool with it. >> no one was hurt. the coast guard near the ferry building is pumping water out of it so it can be towed to shore. >>> a bakery hit the jackpot when starbucks bought it for $100 million a few months ago but now some workers say hundreds of employees have received an ultimatum, and it may cost them their jobs. in a story you will only see on cbs 5, reporter sharon chin on the warning letters and the one thing these workers have to prove. >> reporter: workers say they will be fired in two months because they are illegal immigrants. they don't have firm numbers but up to 400 people could be fired. we obtained a letter to an employee of la boulange from the new owner starbucks that says there is a discrepancy in social security numbers and they hav
. >> yes, i am. >> it's doing great things for san francisco. you can see in the store here, and just out and about, and for these guys to do what they did in cincinnati and bring it home, they have hopefully a good seven games ahead of them. hopefully not seven. >> reporter: seven games would be torture for giants fans, but terrific for business. >> and here is a look at the giants schedule against the st. louis cardinals in the best of seven series. the giants have home field advantage. the first game is tomorrow at at&t park at 5:00. game 2 is also at 5:00 on monday, and then its off to st. louis for three games, and then if needed, back to san francisco for the last two. kim will have more on tomorrow's game in just a few minutes. >>> space shuttle endeavour's travel through los angeles streets has slowed from a crawl to a dead stop. it's now six hours behind schedule on its route to its final home. this is a live look at its stop in its tracks. problems include small issues with the transporter that needed fixing, and crowds that are growing larger and getting in the way. we look at
event trains, including some after the giants game, and the san francisco bay ferry has added round-trip service over to at&t park. >> a sonoma state university student is recover at a hospital after falling from the third floor at his apartment building. it happened at the alleg grow student apartments in roanoke park. sergio quintana is live with the details. reporter: the student who took that three-story fall was rushed to the hospital and was in intensive care for some time. police say he is doing better, which is good news after a fall that police say involved alcohol and horseplay. >> two missing pieces of a third floor railing and a broken fence on the first floor, includes clues that help explain how tyler glen fell three stories. >> we believe a 19-year-old climbed over the railing and hung on to the two pieces of handrailing. >> the two pieces of wooden rail came loose, and glen fell, landing on the concrete walkway ask this wooden fence himself neighbors tell us he is a baseball player at sonoma state. police say control was involve in the alcohol. >> the subject did ind
. despite a tough economy the bay area is in fact booming. how a san francisco theater company is banking on a rise in customers as it it expands into a new theater. plus, new concern about what facebook does with your information. why privacy advocates say facebook may be selling out its users. >>> also, a family pet targeted by thieves. the plea and the pledge made by the family inthe hope that they will see little mico, once >>> the family of an 18-year-old killed by oakland police is still looking for answers is into what happened the day that he was shot. police say that allen blueford pointed a gun at the officer and now have released a portion of the police report. here is abc 7 news reporter nick smith. >> we are just trying to get answers and we said and said and said and we haven't been able to get any answers. at every turn we have been shut down. >> reporter: the family continues to demand answers related to the death of their son. last night's city council meeting filled once again with family and supporter who accuse police and city leaders of dragging their feet and releasi
a dealership in san francisco. the judge is expected to decide next week whether there is enough evidence to put wade on trial. >>> days of pain have turned into years for one oakland family still grieving an unsolved murder. now the victim's family is renewing their demand for answers. cbs 5 reporter don ford shows us how they are taking action and hoping for justice. >> reporter: oakland investigator robert trevino is still combing for clues to a killing that has baffled police for three years. >> of course, it was a very, very, uhm, violent crime. >> reporter: 20-year-old fat van le was arriving home from work when another car opened fire killing him as he sat outside his parents home. no witnesses, no motive, and no arrests. phat lee le's brother says they are still trying to cope. >> somebody kill my brother and i wonder why and who did it. >> reporter: the family says phat was friendly and didn't have enemies. he loved baseball and enjoys racing motorized skateboards. on this anniversary day, family members are again tacking up reward posters and authorities are hoping someone somew
's weird to say this but downtown san francisco is down to 81 degrees. we'll talk about the cool change. i'll ver weekend forecast and we may be setting records for rainfall coming up soon. details when that's going to happen coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. >>> investigators are trying to unravel a suspicious death and fire in castro valley. the alameda county sheriff's office says an accelerant was used to start the fire at this home on san carlos avenue. when firefighters arrived they discovered a woman's body inside. investigators say if this was a homicide, they, quote, have the upper hand on it. >>> oakland police have given the "all clear" after a search for an armed man closes a campus. officers were called to holy names university this morning after someone reported seeing a man with a gun. they evacuated the campus, searched the buildings but didn't find a suspect. police reopened the school later this afternoon. >>> in san francisco, a man who owned a dog walking business is sentenced to 60 days in jail for animal cruelty. his four dogs were malnourished and found livin
in downtown san francisco. for now we are heading back over to marty. >> some oakland police officers are facing disciplinary charges. they are accused of being unprofessional. some of these officers may be fired but the chief stated that to appeal. >> if it is found that an officer was doing this we will hold him accountable. this: has imposed . if there is no change in a recommendation the department will will ford by imposing bed and discipline. >> the vessel hit a rock on friday night and forced water into the boat. we would like to turn to our reporter might who is at pier 39 this morning. >> this suddenly a nice morning here at pier 39. this bold is called the neptune and it was selling around the bay. about 22 people were on the boat just having a good time and it caused a 1 ft.-into the boat and a lot of water came on board. the coast guard was nearby and he was able to in blankets and they are pretty cold. the boat was brought back to pier 39 and then it was taken away. most of these people come out on the water every day and they do not have issues. the coast guard was in th
on the streets. >>> developing news now in san francisco where pg & e crews are trying to restore power to hundreds of homes and businesses. the outage was reported at about 4:45 this afternoon and is now impacting the outer mission and noe valley neighborhood. 1800 customers are without power. there is no known cause of the outage. pg & e is investigating a report of a downed wire. right now no word though on when that power might be restored. >>> the milpitas city council has been preparing for an emotional hearing tonight on a proposal to outsource its police services. new at 6:00, robert handa is live in milpitas with new surprise information on the plan. robert-- >> reporter: well, milpitas city officials say they expect hundreds of people to show up here at milpitas city hall in less than an hour to debate outsources police services but we learned a decision has already been made. many supporters and critics of milpitas police say by and large the 90 plus officers do a good job with an average response time of about four minutes. we saw that last week when officers arrested a carj
climb into the low mid-60's at best. these are the conditions for the san francisco waterfront you'll probably need a sweater because conditions this weekend will be nothing compared to what we started with the work week. the seven they are on the bay forecast shows in addition to cooler weather we have the potential for some showers. maybe sprinkles, spotty at best. 10 to 20 percent chance and it looks like it will be a little greater as we start the next workweek. the rain will stick north of the golden gate bridge. on to traffic now good morning george >> no hot spots that is the good news. the bay bridge to the toll plaza traffic is not blocked up and to the macarthur maize but to it. we're looking at 18 to 22 minutes depending on your approach. longer if you're coming from 24 to macarthur maze. the san mateo bridge no construction delays but it slows a bit at the base of the high-rise. the drive times are only 12 to 13 minutes so not a bad drive yet. they could really slow down later as it has been. the golden gate bridge writers still smooth and beautiful beautiful community
bay there is heavy traffic on highway 580. >> the huge night that the san francisco giants had a t into the park. they won game one of the world series. the final score was 823. to 3. >> and the two rock stars of the bay area. the so-called experts--espn is for after day a full plate of pie. most of them predicted that the detroit tigers would run all over the giants with verlander taking the mound. here is a video from last night and fans were just going nuts all over the bay area. we, being cugiants fans. two home runs were given up before he left the game. he even stated while quesow! he wil come back for game 5 and i do hope becomes back for game 3 and it looks like this will be a good series for us. barry--he deserves a lot of credit. >> going up against verlander. if we were going to when it was probable on the b-1--to go early in the game like this to get first blood, first momentum and to cap off it was just awesome. it was a pleasure to be a part of it. >> i heard on the radio this morning that the worst hit that verlander gave the--to give up the single that drove in the
boat. cornell bernard is live at san francisco's pier 39. we understand you have new information about the boat? >> reporter: we learning the boat was taken to sausalito last night for repairs. coastguard has a lot of degrees for the party boat's captain. it took a scary turn and hate rock and started to sink. luckily everyone is safe after being rescued by the coastguard last night. 18 men on board, all wearing life vests were taken to pier 39. it on board the neptune, 40-foot party boat. it struck rocks near alcatraz tearing two holes in the underside. there was chaos and confusing is on board. >> we were hanging out. we were on the boat for 20 minutes and then all of a sudden it was like a big jolt. next thing we knew, coastguard boat came in and got us out. >> put on your life vests and you could tell it was going down. it was taking on water. >> we were off course navigation. we just accidentally were on the inside of the buoy instead of the outside and we hit what we call little alcatraz. >> reporter: it's a shoal of rock near the island. they will talk with captain and crew why
low 60s out the door and san francisco. and still contending with fire danger here in the bay area. the national weather service has issued a red flag warning for until 8:00 this morning all the areas are highlighted in red on your screen. take a look at our temperatures 80 in the south bay mostly sunny conditions. 80 degrees for santa clara 86 for sunnyvale and low 90s for pittsburgh and then fell 91 degrees in pleasanton 90 in walnut creek and '80s in union city. another gorgeous day on tap for the north bay. palo llamas at 86 degrees 82 for san francisco i don't think will break any records with still another court to stay around the bay. it looks like richmond is coming in at 81 degrees. for the niners came later on tonight against the seahawks it looks like kickoff is at 5:20 p.m. and temperatures will be in the mid-70s. the kron47 th wit over0 minutes drive times for all the approaches for the west on ride. the san mateo bridge is no longer hot spot but likely to become one before very much longer. the drive times are ready over 15 minutes and we are starting to see slowing n
is in the bullpen. right at the top of the hour here in san francisco, a beautiful night, 62 degrees. that's us, joe, tim, kenny and erin at&t park. and this crowd has been loud all night. theriot's second at-bat since taking over for the injured scutaro. good breaking ball for strike 1. on deck, the switch-hitting sandoval with rzepczysnki in the bullpen. here's the 0-1. strike 2. guillermo mota will join romo if this inning gets out of hand. theriot trying to add to it. the 0-2 pitch. breaking ball fouled back. game three, a late afternoon game in st. louis on wednesday. giants trying to even the series. great work tonight from ryan vogelsong, their starter. a breaking ball. fouled away. >> tim: theriot fighting off some good pitches from shelby miller. >> joe: the cardinals are trying to convince him to stay in st. louis during the offseason. carpenter will tutor and work out with trevor rosenthal, their hard-throwing right-hander, during the offseason. they want shelby miller to think about doing the same thing. the runners are on with one out and the 0-2 pitch. a line drive, base hit! blanco sc
on the san francisco bay takes a wrong turn. the coast guard had to rescue everyone from a sinking boat k and the officers association is promising is night. we have the findings of a new internal report that finds fault with dozens of oakland police officers during last year's occupy protests. >> good morning, i'm in for terry mcsweeney this morning. we will start with a first look at the weather. here's meteorologist indicate arrange. >> good morning, katie. plenty of low level moisture and that means a lot of cloud cover. there's a funnel band moving through the bay area and that should disrupt the low cloudiness and get us back into sunshine and a warmer afternoon. numbers are cool in the north bay, mid-40s to the mid-50s and by the afternoon we are talking about low 60s for the half moon bay pumpkin festival up into the mid-70s into the inland valleys. we will get a few clouds during the evening hours. if you like today this is the beginning of a big pattern change for the bay area. i will have all the details of a much warmer forecast come up. >> thank you. this morning the coast gu
. despite all that, san francisco fans have a sunny outlook for tomorrow. deborah? >> the 7th inning stretch became the 7th inning soaking. a three-hour rain delay. and bay area fans here at busch stadium hoped the pause might change the momentum but the score stayed the same to the end, 3-1 cardinals. >>> reporter: fireworks for the cardinals' victory where lightning had lit the sky before. >> they said you need to go undercover. so get out of this area. >> reporter: ushers warned the giants fans to leave. just the night before last, they were waving their towels for the win. now they're drowning in cardinal red and a downpour. >> we went to last night's game and it was gorgeous. no jackets or anything. >> it's going to be here in about 5 minutes. >> reporter: the seats were full of storm watching. as it arrive, ponchos came out. locals knew the tarp would be taking the field and everyone would swarm the concession. >> it might take a couple hours but we'll be back and we'll wipe our seats off and we'll win the game. >> reporter: and that's exactly what happened. the cardinals now up a game
planned in st. louis today. first came the rain, then the loss. despite all that, san francisco fans have a sunny outlook for tomorrow. deborah? >> the 7th inning stretch became the 7th inning soaking. a three-hour rain delay. and bay area fans here at busch stadium hoped the pause might change the momentum but the score stayed the same to the end, 3-1 cardinals. >>> reporter: fireworks for the cardinals' victory where lightning had lit the sky before. >> they said you need to go undercover. so get out of this area. >> reporter: ushers warned the giants fans to leave. just the night before last, they were waving their towels for the win. now they're drowning in cardinal red and a downpour. >> we went to last night's game and it was gorgeous. no jackets or anything. >> it's going to be here in about 5 minutes. >> reporter: the seats were full of storm watching. as it arrive, ponchos came out. locals knew the tarp would be taking the field and everyone would swarm the concession. >> it might take a couple hours but we'll be back and we'll wipe our seats off and we'll win the game. >> report
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